Telsa to open R & D centre in Greece

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Telsa to open R & D centre in Greece

Mar 03 2018

Tesla to open R & D centre in Greece


Elon Musk will open an engineering facility in Athens, called Tesla Greece, according to the Guardian’s Helena Smith.

The entrepreneur, whose company Tesla is best known for its electric cars, plans to send three of Tesla's Greek designers Konstantinos Laskaris, Konstantinos Bourchas and Vasilis Papanikolaou as part of the plan.

Head of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs’ Association, Vasilis Apostolopoulos, speaking at an economic forum in the Greek city of Delphi said: “I have personally emailed Musk to welcome Tesla Greece … and to say that for the next 10 years I will give, at zero cost to his company, my gro up’s own industrial plant outside Corinth so that Greece can be on the frontline of global innovation.”

He also described the purported plan as a “vote of confidence in Greece”, which has suffered economic woes in recent years.

Tesla’s Greek office is expected to attract at least 50 engineers, who will run a research and development centre at the state-run Demokritos Centre for Scientific Research. The centre is expected to act as a base for Tesla’s activities in south-eastern Europe.

Musk visited Turkey last year, meeting its President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan and various ministers, and discussing potential collaboration between Telsa and Turkish firms.


Elon Musk to open Tesla R&D plant in Greece

Billionaire entrepreneur’s electric car company to set up engineering facility in Athens

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